Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's Been A Tsūper Year On The People's Network

In November 2014 I began my adventure on Tsū, the new social network that pays users for original content. It was touted by other members for earning money by posting your original content and not cut and paste items from the Internet. Photography is quite popular there, of course, since it’s visual. I figured it would be a good way to share my photography, digital art and  Zazzle products while earning some pocket change.  

As it turns out, I am only making pocket change in Tsū earnings but I have found a community of people who don’t just like a post and leave. I have posts with hundreds of likes, interesting comments and more shares on posts than I ever received on any other social network. The key to more earnings is to have an active Tsū family (people who join with my link). I don't have an active family but there are folks who do well and are very good at encouraging people to try it. 

I imagine you are thinking that’s just like Facebook right? No, I hardly ever received a lot of interaction on my Facebook business page. Additionally, Facebook makes money off of you using it and doesn’t pay you a thing. I can even donate my earnings to more than 60 charities right there on Tsū. Some members even offer their goods / products for Tsū dollars because it's simple to transfer your earning. It’s another great way to use the earnings or you can eventually cash out when you earn $100. 

With that said, I’m not leaving there like some folks because they thought it was a get rich quick scheme. Additionally, they have added groups (some that directly support charities just by activity in the group) to find an even tighter group of users who share your interests like my love of creativity. 

In January 2015, I posted on Tsū about participating in some type of personal photo challenge. After posting, I received some feedback and we discussed it further. Some took up the challenge but it didn’t last long. I decided not to do it because I didn’t want to add something else to my plate. 

This year I decided to take up that photo challenge. I decided to do it but not make it stressful by adding a photograph a day on my page from my iPhone or my DSLR. I don’t carry my DSLR everywhere so with the iPhone as backup I won’t stress over missing photos with the DSLR.

The first challenge post along with the explanation of what I plan to do includes this orchid photograph. 
flower, orchid, blossom, floral, bloom, phalaenopsis orchid, phalaenopsis
365 Photo Challenge Day 1

Join me to see how far I take this photo a day challenge. Just use my short code @TheAspenStand when you sign up to join in a truly active community. Why not, it's FREE and you might get addicted like me!

Have you ever done a year long photo challenge?
Would you consider doing one since you can start any day of the year?

Leave a comment here to let me know or join Tsū to chat with me on my page. I'll be happy to assist you in getting started. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

4 Scenes At A Stop Along Historic Route 66 In Arizona

It was pretty funny learning about the naming of one southwestern city along historic old Route 66 in Arizona. Why? According to several references, Hackberry was named after the matting formed on the bodies of cattle. Although Hackberry is a type of tree, the Arizona town may have been named for what was described as pellets on the long hair of cattle. 
hackberry, Route 66, Arizona, historic route
Hackberry ~ Just One Stop Along Historic Route 66, Arizona
The only real sight in the town these days is the Hackberry General Store. Hackberry General Store is listed in Trip Advisor with excellent to good rating and a variety of interesting reviews.  The town was pretty much designated a ghost town when the grocery store and gas station closed down in 1978 after Interstate 40 went active. 

On the grounds of the General Store you'll find interesting artifacts from yesteryear as shown below and in the store a wide variety of interesting items and souvenirs. A ride along Old Route 66 from Seligman to Kingman or vise versa gets you there. Hackberry is one of many busy spots along the route from Seligman to Kingman during the annual Spring Route 66 Fun Run.

Weathered and rusty Ford truck front.
A background of antique odds and ends with an old auto.
License plates and rusty tin signs.
A rustic outhouse, car parts and old signs.
Visit TheAspenStand Store at Zazzle and find Arizona related Historic Route 66 items including stickers like the oval design above pillows and more. 

Where have you traveled along old Route 66?
Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the post. Thanks.