Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Last Of My Stock Photography Portfolios

Did I ever mention that I maintained several stock photography portfolios for a while? Yes, that is me on my psquared CanStockPhoto stock photography profile page. If you didn't know about my stock photography past, let me share a short story. 

My CanStockPhoto Portfolio

I had several single lens reflex Minolta film cameras, a variety of lenses, filters and other equipment for years. I still remember the smell of the chemical fixer in a makeshift darkroom where I developed black and white film. Unfortunately after having all my equipment stolen, I was disillusioned and totally abandoned photography. 

Years later when I finally bought into the idea of digital photography, I purchased a simple fixed lenses Olympus camera. It wasn't long before I was hooked again. I appreciated that with digital I wasn't spending money to develop film, I could get instant feedback on the image quality and it was easy to edit a photo on the computer. 

After a couple of years, I purchased a digital single lens reflex Sony camera and decided to try my hand at stock photography. Let me tell you what a humbling experience that became. The initial three stock photography sites I selected were very particular as to the quality of what was acceptable. I wasn't accepted as a submitter on my first attempts. That was a good lesson because it made me scrutinize what I was submitting once I was accepted to those sites. I was accepted to a few more sites in short time. After a few years of filling my portfolios, I was disillusioned with changes these sites were making. 

At that point, I had already started using some of my own work on Zazzle products. I found Zazzle  a much more enjoyable way to use and share my photography and digital art. At that point, I decided to collect my payout at each of the stock photography sites and close those accounts to do more with Zazzle. 

This post is to put focus on my CanStockPhoto portfolio. It is the last of my stock photography accounts that I look forward to closing.  I haven't added any new material to it in several years and await to reach payout and close it. Yes, it takes a long time (with a small portfolio) to make payout. 

This blog post is to show it some love and hopefully interest some folks to check out what is still available. I have a total of 444 photographs and fractal digital art in the portfolio of which some is shown below. 

My Stock Photography & Digital Art At CanStockPhoto
Click either image here on the post to see what is available in the portfolio.

If you do visit my Zazzle store "TheAspenStand" you might see a few of these photographs and digital artwork on some of my products. 

If you have any questions on my stock photography experience leave a comment and I'm happy to discuss it. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Often Asked Inspiration Question

I can guess that you’ve seen the question “What inspires you” on numerous occasions in interviews referencing someone's artwork, photography or writing. Of course, the answers are going to vary from person to person. 

Recently, I was inspired by weekly photo challenges at a now defunct social network. That inspiration furthered my curiosity in taking original photographs to different levels. The weekly challenge generally involved editing a specific subject or even a color in a photograph.  The challenge required submission of a photograph with edits that had a color splash, was desaturated or in monochrome.

This red and yellow Gerber daisy still life photograph was one I chose during these challenges. I made a multitude of changes for a monochrome look, a desaturated look and in selecting where to leave the splash of color. In those edits I went through even more changes to end with the image below which I now have in my ClickASnap photography portfolio.

Since I had done this work to the original photograph, I decided to add it to a template design on a greeting, note and post card cover in my Zazzle store. The photograph is also available as a print to which you can add a mat and frame.

If you like the altered or original photograph and would like to see one/both on a Zazzle product other than those now available, let me know. I would be happy to post it in the store for you to view. 

Have you escaped your comfort zone in any creative endeavor? 
Let us know your experience in the comments. 

Now go out there and get inspired.