Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If You Ask Me, Grunge Is The New CLEAN

I dedicated an entire category to "grunge style" at TheAspenStand online Zazzle store after spending time at a few car shows where I saw some incredibly creative Rat Rod designed cars.

What is that design style you ask? You'll find quite a variety of photographs on this Rat Rod Google search page.

You can find my entire collection under Rusty GRUNGE Style gifts in TheAspenStand. Here are a few of the products and designs you'll find. 

Green Metal Weld Photograph Floor Mat, car mat, vehicle mat, rusty, weld, scar, green, rusty letters, scratched
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It's a style GRUNGE Rusty Letters Floor Mat, brown rust, rusted, car mat, floor mat, vehicle mat,
It's a style GRUNGE Rusty Letters Floor Mat by Exit178
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It's A Style GRUNGE Rusty Letters & Background, Belt Buckle, black, rusted, pitted, scarred, brown
It's A Style GRUNGE Rusty Letters & Background Belt Buckle by Exit178
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Is this the first time you've heard of this style?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the style and the products. Please share if you know people who also like this style. Thanks so much. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Tried The Japanese Rice Cooker Pancake Recipe

Have you been testing any of the hundreds of Pinterest recipes that you've pinned? Come on admit you've pinned at least that many?

All those scrumptious looking, sweet appealing recipes you pinned and said, "I have got to try that" but probably haven't yet. You know I've said the same thing BUT I have tried a few recipes that I've pinned to my boards. This post is about one idea/recipe that I did test so I can share it with you.

I didn't originally find this idea on Pinterest. I was searching some other subject. Weird how that happens, looking for one thing and OH look a recipe. So I wanted to try this How To Make Epic Pancakes With Your Japanese Rice Cooker.

Although I found the idea elsewhere, you KNOW it has to be on Pinterest. And it is! Here is the link for the "rice cooker pancakes" Pinterest search. Notice all the other recipes for cheesecakes, scones and cakes to make in the rice cooker too.

Yes, that's it. I made a pancake in a rice cooker and it was a very easy clean up too. I mixed half a Bisquick pancake recipe because I didn't want a huge result like the image above from the recipe web page.

I also had to take into consideration that we live at 7300 feet so altitude might play a role in how it cooked. The cooking time recommendation was 45 minutes but I left it in an additional 15 because when I opened the top of the rice cooker at 45 minutes the pancake top was still a bit gooey. So below you see my result where I added some blueberries and raspberries which worked out quite well.

I posted the recipe link on Twitter which got the comment below. 

I chuckled as I read the reply because my husband and I discussed the same thing. I love pancakes when we're camping. 

Will I make them again? Absolutely and with fruit! I may have to try one of the scone or cake recipes I saw on Pinterest too.

Have you tried any of those recipes you've pinned?

You can find me sharing a variety of subjects so come visit TheAspenStand on Pinterest to see what I've pinned lately.

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