Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beautiful Setting Outside Of Downtown New Orleans

On a recent business trip to New Orleans, Louisiana I found a very relaxing spot away from the busy downtown activity. You might not expect it to be at the New Orleans Yacht Club but the area is called "West End Park." It is a beautiful greenbelt park featuring huge old shade trees, picnic tables, gazebos, benches and more. On a drive around later in the day I saw groups gathering for children's baseball team practice.

A sidewalk borders the park offering a nice walking or jogging loop all the way around. At the far end of the loop is a serene area featuring a stone bridge over a small pond. The sidewalk divides and leads to the bridge. On the far end of the bridge you walk into that end of the grassy park.

I arrived out there on a beautifully calm day. The reflection of the bridge and surrounding area framed on two sides by greenery features the arched stone walkway over the pond. I offer this photograph in my store as a 16" x 20" print titled "Reflection Bridge". You can add a frame and mat(s) to complete the order for you or as a gift. 

Contact me if you would like to see this Reflection Bridge photograph on another Zazzle product such as a wrapped canvas. 

What favorite areas did you find while visiting New Orleans? I would love to read your thoughts on my photos and post. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Know About Why I Am On Tsū

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Tsū It For You
I am going to guess that you have not heard all the positive news about the new social media site Tsū (pronounced Sue) or you would be there right now. I say that because there's a Tsū chat on Twitter, there have been media pieces by ABC, SiriusXM, Fox Business, FoxNews, and other media sites along with so many site members sharing information with the public about this fast growing social media platform. I'm very happy on Tsū and want to let you in on some facts about the site. Here are five reasons I am an early adaptor on Tsū and happy I jumped on board.


I'm on multiple social media sites and have never had so much engagement on my posts. Not only do people engage on the posts they actively share the posts which is more activity than I get on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and when my Facebook page was published. Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy to be on the others but I am ecstatic with the interaction I get on Tsū. I used to spend a LOT of time updating and attempting to engage on my Facebook page but only a few folks ever participated.


I am still marketing my Zazzle products as my Tsū (short code) identification, TheAspenStandis the same as the blog and store name. I was recently asked for some product designs by another Tsū member. I was ecstatic someone reached out to me. I do keep the 80 / 20 percentage of marketing to socializing which is no different from other social media sites.

Earnings For Content

You read that correctly. I earn money via the Tsū algorithm for views on all my posts. Initially a lot of folks joined thinking it was a shot at getting rich quick. Believe me that most of us aren't going to get rich but I remind you that you don't get paid from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest for just posting your content. In the four months that I've been on Tsū, I've earned a bit over $11. Members can keep the money and cash out at $100. I have now donated $10 to Tsū charities. Donating is as simple as a click and verification that you want to donate. That is a great segue to my next topic. 


There are a variety of Tsū members that are verified charities such as Charity Water, Tuesday's Children, Viet Dreams Charity and Detroit Water Brigade. The founder and CEO ran a challenge for Charity Water, one of the original charities. Tsū members and the staff input were enough to fund a $6000 hand dug water well in Ethiopia that will be named "Tsū". Members are encouraging more charities to get on board and members are very giving.

Engaged Staff

Have you ever received a comment from the CEO of a social media site? I'm sure the answer for most of us is that we haven't. Right now it is not unusual to see Tsū CEO Sebastian Sobczak and other staff members commenting on a member's post and sharing member's posts. They are engaged and keep a keen eye on the atmosphere jumping in to offer guidance and information. 

So why aren't you there? Tsū is by invitation only so I'm happy to have you join me with my invitation. Go here to sign up (the link is also called a short code) and you become one of my Tsū children. Yes, there is a family tree but that is for another post. I'll help guide you in the right direction since I've been there and have learned the ropes. 

What are you waiting for go sign up for Tsū. But if you have any questions head to the comments and let me know.