Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Personalized Custom Designed Avery Labels from Zazzle Can Offer An Eye Catching Element To Packaging

Busy Bee On Purple Thistle Photograph Personalized Shipping Label     A full sheet product view at Zazzle has me excited to talk about their wonderful custom Avery label selection. Zazzle offers custom Avery labels in the shipping, address and return address sizes.

     In the past the only view shop keepers had to offer customers was the close up image of the particular label itself with the custom design. The custom Avery shipping label shown at the right with a bee on thistle photograph was designed as a property tag or bookplate. Previously this was the only view a customer saw.

Busy Bee On Purple Thistle Photograph Personalized Shipping Label     After some changes to Zazzle page design, customers can now see what the entire sheet will look like including their text when it is printed. This is a great improvement because customers can see a better view to help them make a decision on possibly customizing the font color, style and size or even moving font or design elements in the layout.

     I realize many people don't use the US Postal service much these days so not many labels are needed for mail, however, you can use labels for projects and purposes other than mail. As I mentioned previously, the Thistle photo label was designed as a property tag or a bookplate. Yes, I know a lot of people are reading with e-readers these days but you may still come up with some great uses for these labels.

     I've read where shipping sized labels are used as name tags for social events, labels for gifts that come in jars such as homemade food products like preserves for dry mixes,  potpourri in tins or plastic containers and other ideas. I've made homemade dog bones and shared them in clear zip lock bags with custom labels designed with the cookie ingredients and a big purple paw print. Eye catching!

Below I've added a few Avery label ideas from the Zazzle Marketplace and from TheAspenStand to give you an idea of the variety. Click the image and you will see that product and the alternate view of the entire sheet.

Snow Drifts Over Rocks Personalized Address LabelTerra Cotta Sun On Sand And Rocks Personalized Address Labels
What other purposes would you consider using these specially designed custom Avery labels?

How do you or could you use Avery labels in your current daily routine?

Before checking out the links to some of the products, I would love to hear your thoughts on the post and answers to the two questions. Thanks for stopping by to check out the post.

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